Have I Been Busy!

On July 1st, 2016, I fell backwards in the front doorway, and the screen door slammed against my lower leg. I ended up with huge blood blisters on both sides of the leg. I left them alone. The huge one popped open after a few days, and then it turned black inside. Off to the ER for surgery and months and months of visits to the wound center for treatment. I had my last visit this past Wednesday. I’m healed. *smacks own forehead like a fake preacher* The weekend before Thanksgiving I fell in the kitchen and landed on my right hip. I ended up with a huge, huge hematoma. One doctor guessed there were about 4 pints of blood in it. Did I ever get sick! You try running around with half of your blood circulating through your system. I spent several days in bed talking to God and Jesus. “Take me if it is my time to go. I am ready for The Judgement.” I dreamed I was holding Jesus’ hand. I sang hymns. I did this for I don’t even remember how many days, then finally came out of the fog the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Before I got really, really ill I had a trip to the ER in an ambulance. I was dizzy and weak. They couldn’t find a pulse, so they had to take me to the nearest Critical Care hospital. Ugh. Mid-city, filthy place where nobody listens to you. They gave me several bags of IV fluids and I left. Then I got very ill.

Jump forward to January. The same surgeon who worked on my lower leg where the storm door tried to eat it lanced the huge hematoma on my hip. (Still trying to heal my lower leg, mind you.) Out of my big bumpy hip came oodles and gobbles of blood squirting in the air, people ducking, lots of blood clots that looked like someone dumped a huge jar of grape jelly on the bed. He kept squeezing and pushing until he got most of it out. Some of the nurses couldn’t look, but the surgeon and I thought it was sort of cool. By the next week both my lower leg and my hip had closed up. Over 6 months for my leg to heal, and one week for the small incision on my hip. Whew!

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